Improve Your SEO With This One Trick!

Your SEO Follows A Chain Of Command

How does this work on my website?
GMG Tip Jan 23 – Improve your SEO with this trick! -1

When putting text on your website think of it like a little army of content. Your headlines have different ranks; 1 through 6. Rank 1 is your generals. There should be one per page and they sit at the top telling search engines what the page’s purpose is. If you have more than one general giving orders on the page, search engines like Google get confused and could give you a bad score.

Your headline ranks 2 through 6 should follow a pyramid of command below your general; spreading out and increasing in numbers as you go lower in rank. Your lowest-ranking headline on the page should have the highest population (usually your rank 6 headlines) but, you do not need to use all your ranks per page. You may only need 1 through 3 but the pyramid rule should still be followed no matter the size of your content.

For example, if you have a website page that is focused on chimney inspection your headline rankings might look like this;

– Check Out My Chimney (H1)

– Get Superior Chimney Inspections At *insert company name* (H2)

– Inspection Levels (H3)

– Inspection Definitions (H4)

– And so on

Try out this trick on your website to improve SEO! Or, give your heros at Good Maketing Group a call today to see how we can help you with all things website and social media.


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