Best Practices To Choose Fonts For Your Brand

Best Practices To Choose Fonts For Your Brand

How can fonts impact your branding?

When choosing fonts for your brand you may think you need an incredibly unique, and complicated font to set yourself apart from the rest. This is not true. While having unique branding is important, make sure that the font you choose is easily readable from billboard size down to a business card. If people can’t read it, then your font has failed its main job.

Avoid cursive fonts if you can, as it was taken out of schools in the mid-2000 and is no longer commonly used. If you do choose cursive, use it for phrases no longer than 3 words, and NEVER use cursive for text in all caps as cursive was not designed to be written in such a way.

Another important point to remember is to never use more than 3 fonts in your brand profile. It is best to just use 2. Otherwise, your branding can come off as disorganized and confused about its own identity. Variants of the same font don’t count towards the rule of 3. You can still use the bolds and italics of your two or 3 fonts without issue.

Remember it’s not about who can win by being the most unique but who can profit with the simplest brand recognition.

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