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We make targeting a specific market or neighborhood EASY. Unsure of what makes a customer your “best” customer? Click to find out!

Find your best prospects!

Good Marketing Group can provide you with an idea of how many prospective customers are in your targeted market for FREE! It’s easy. Just tell us as much as you can about who you’re looking for and where they are by city, zip code or even neighborhood. The more detailed information you send us the better. Here are some examples:

targeted lists homeowners

Household Income? Does your potential customer rent or own?

targeted lists to home value household income

Do they have equity in their home? What is their credit score?

Do they donate to causes? Do they historically respond to direct mail?

If you’re not sure what information to give us, just check the “Please Contact Me” box below and we will call and ask you all the right questions. Don’t worry, we will help you select a targeted list customized to your business.