Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is Search Engine Marketing?

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Also known as Google Ads or ‘Pay-per-click’, Search Engine Marketing is online advertising that is displayed when a searcher (ideally your prospective customer) types keywords, phrases or even has an online audience or behavior type that is related to or matches your text or display advertisement.

Remarketing Ads, AKA “stalking ads”, follow online users who have already clicked on your ads or have visited your website. They work by dropping a ‘cookie’ on their browser and appearing when the users visit other, non-related sites (including social media sites).

How Does Remarketing work?

This allows the advertiser to stay in the forefront of the customer’s mind by by being seen so when they are ready, the user or prospect thinks of the advertisers product or service first, over the competitor!

Of course there is that pesky business of how much to bid/spend, but we are experts in helping our clients find the best bid rates to be marketable. Depending on a variety of algorithms (which changes regularly), the amount you pay for a given click gives you the opportunity to competitive advantage by positioning your website above the competition. PPC campaigns can run at the same time as Re-targeting campaigns and are easily tracked for effectiveness.

” We have been using Good Marketing Group for all our marketing for almost 7 years. The biggest advantage to us is that the quality or our leads has improved year after year, and we are no longer burdened with the time and effort needed to deal with the various advertising solicitations that come in. I feel they have been a true partner in our growth. We do not have the time or knowledge to sift through and keep up with the ever changing landscape of online marketing, reputation management and so on- we leave it to the experts at the Good Marketing Group! “


John T.

Sanatoga Water Conditioning

Why invest in SEM services?

Good Marketing Group will evaluate the online competition for your product or service as well as your website’s organic foundation and then create a Google Ads account for monthly advertising on the Google Sponsored Links section of the search engine. The program includes: 


Email Previews


Page Testing

Interactive Testing

Spam Filter Tests


Thorough analysis of your website, establish specific goals and make website recommendations for trackable click conversions via landing pages or call tracking

Create a keyword list and audiences to maximize exposure for your products or services and develop PPC sponsored link ads for individual keyword themes

Analyze your competitor’s websites and keywords

Create a Google Ads account for your company
(if you don’t have one already)

Calculation of the best price bid for all keywords with the goal of maximizing ROI
(Return on Investment)


Website updates for improved and trackable click conversions, including Call Tracking that embeds a phone tracking code in your website to identify the number of calls per click

Geographic Targeting by zip codes, cities, counties, states or a particular mile radius around your business

Ongoing innovations keeps your campaign on the cutting edge with Google Ads ever changing algorithm and improving new features

Retargeting of dynamic sesarch & displays shows your ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the internet for unrelated topics

Customized reporting for Co-Op by manufacturer for reimbursement

Online marketing is one of the most cost effective and trackable advertising effort available for service and trade industries. Good Marketing Group is upfront about billing with two monthly charges easily monitored by your accounting department. One from us and One from Google. Most companies will charge you one fee for click charges and account management. This is deceiving since bid rates for clicks change constantly and the difference may be going back to the company managing your account.

We make sure your click budget is charged directly from Google and only for the budget you identify. Your account management charge is based on the click budget and charged directly from Good Marketing Group.

Search Engine Marketing Pricing

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