Social Media Posting Program

Some relationships are new… some are old… some are acquaintance only… some are long standing and built on trust. Business relationships are NOT very different than personal relationships. With the onset of social media, relationships are ever changing and, as a result, can grow with your company! However, most business owners don’t have time to post to social media on a consistent basis NOR do they think they know what to post, and even “what is posting?”

Why post to Social Media?

Social Media is Here to Stay

Good Marketing Group understands the importance of a consistent, relevant message to the right audience, with the right frequency. And don’t forget, how to track and convert leads to business. Our Social Media Account Managers will post to your social media accounts such as your business Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platform(s) relevant to your target audience one to two times a week with industry-related content many times linking back to your website for more information. Topic examples include:

  • Promotions/Sales – Internal and Manufacturer
  • Industry-related news of interest to your target market
  • Tips
  • Fun Links
  • Upcoming Events & holidays
  • Recipe(s)-when applicable
  • Customized company-related information

Do you have a blog on your website? We can even write a blog post and include in your social media posts one to two times per month.

Consistency and frequency has value! Good Marketing Group will position your company as the expert in the industry and keep you in the forefront of your customer’s mind so they think about your company first when needing to schedule an appointment or refer their neighbors.

Social Media Posting Pricing

Let us post to all of the social media platforms for you or with you while you manage the rest of your business! Fill in the form below to learn more about our pricing or to get started with GREAT marketing!

FYI, we offer discounts for our Affinity Partners!