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Bradley A. Good, Partner

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My philosophy to grow and compete in a crowded industry is this: understand what is the unique need for each business to succeed in an ever-changing, fast-moving marketplace and then meet those needs in an affordable and timely manner. We have talked with many of you in person at national and regional industry events about these unique needs, and then we go back to our team and come up with solutions for you. This is why we have become the trusted expert in home services marketing.

About Brad

Brad works closely with clients and affinity partners to develop new strategies, improve existing ones and develop on-line marketing tools. Additionally, Brad manages Google Ads, data research and direct marketing. One of the strengths to understanding the home service market is that he is a demographic target customer himself. This gives GMG unique and vital insight into speaking with a client’s potential customer.

Brad is a graduate of the University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising. He has an extensive background in marketing and direct marketing working for internationally recognized companies such as Tribune Media, Hearst Communications, First Union National Bank (now Wells Fargo) and Advanta Corp.

Before taking on day-to-day operations at the Good Marketing Group, Brad served as General Manager of the northeast branch of Tribune Direct, a national direct marketing company, overseeing sales, marketing and operations. While at Hearst Magazines, Brad worked on customer subscription and acquisitions for Good Housekeeping Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Town & Country Magazine and Esquire. At First Union National Bank, he was responsible for managing direct marketing fulfillment operations for the Capital Management Group and Evergreen Funds. Brad also served as Direct Marketing Manager / Manager of New Business Acquisitions with Advanta Corp, a business finance company and national bank.

Brad’s Superhero Alias: The Batman

SUPER SKILLS: Often found in the dark corners of his office analyzing data and information to catch the right prospects for his clients. Also known to fight for higher response rates with better tools. His activity is often in the background and not outwardly seen, but the results of his work get noticed.

I heard about Good Marketing through a third party. I had been with the prior marketing team for almost two years and it just wasn’t a great fit for what we needed. Brad and Shannon got right on the phone with us and transitioned everything with no issues. They had a great plan for us and since we have hired their team, our numbers for calls has skyrocketed and not just that but they are great leads. Because we believe in what they do so much, we just keep adding services to better our company! Good Marking Group is the best out there!

Josh M

Trinity Chimney

Good Marketing will be our go to for any marketing for our company. We are a small family business yet they treated us like a Fortune 500! They ensured our website was just what we wanted and then were amazing encouragers as we launched. Thank you so much to the entire team!!!

Jami W

C-Tech Water Solutions

We use reputation management daily. After each service we just fill in the customer’s info and they get an email to write a review. It’s so easy for me to prompt them, and easy for our customers to let us know how we’re doing! Plus, all of our reviews boost our position in web searches! We love everyone at Good Marketing Group. They’re all so willing to help whenever I have a question or suggestion.

Jessica S

Sanatoga Water Conditioning

Signing up for the Promos Plus program has been an excellent step for us in reaching new prospects. We ran a sale on a few low stock items and received several leads within one day on a single product. This is worth the investment. Thank you, Shannon and Brad!

Nathan C

Byler’s Stove Shoppe

I met Shannon and Brad through HPBA and pushed for the owner of our store to hire them to update our website and handle marketing. They and all of their staff have been great to work with. Their knowledge of the hearth industry and marketing strategy makes a great combination. Good Marketing Group definitely measures their success by your success. Looking forward to our future endeavors together.

– Sandra C

Marketing / Advertising in Wilmington

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