1:1 Service Reminders™

Reminding your customers of their upcoming service appointments can be time consuming and opens the door to human error. Email marketing can be used to schedule communications by “anniversary date” so your customers are being reminded while freeing up more time for your office manager to do other work.

Service Reminders can also be used to email or text customers prior to their scheduled appointments. These reminders can help reduce no-shows.

What does 1:1 Service Reminder™ Program include?

Customized appointment request form.

service reminders

Annual & scheduled email and/or text reminders.

List management and grouping.

If you are still mailing postcard reminders, Good Marketing Group’s Service Reminder Program will also save you money on postage and printing. Save time, money and be more productive!

1:1 Service Reminder™ Program Pricing

Let our 1:1 Service Reminder Program remind your customers of their upcoming annual or scheduled appointments while you or your office manager run the rest of your business! Fill in the form below to learn more about our pricing or to get started with GREAT marketing!

FYI, we offer discounts for our Affinity Partners!