Advertising Services

Online and Offline Advertising Equals Frequency.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an important piece of your brand identity.

At Good Marketing Group, graphic design and branding starts with collaborative research and brainstorming. Whether it’s a new or updated logo, branding campaign, website or collateral development, understanding your vision is the key to successfully developing the final product.

We believe that the final goal of your design is to strengthen and compliment your brand, your identity, your product or service and your position in marketplace as a whole. Let the artists at Good Marketing Group design a logo or customized marketing materials to attract your target audience to your company!

Good Marketing Group’s Marketing & Advertising Services:

  • Logo
  • Advertisement
  • Brochure
  • Email
Graphic Design
Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Reach your customers in a more personal way.

Find the most-likely responders through a TARGETED direct mailing list. Good Marketing Group believes a successful direct mail campaign is like a three legged stool. It includes a clear message, an offer and a targeted list.

Why should you INVEST in targeted lists? You know the old saying, “Garbage IN = Garbage OUT.” We believe in most cases, its often better to mail to a more strategic, targeted direct response list vs. a ‘junk mail’ ‘shotgun approach’ to every prospect in town, hoping something will stick.

Not all of your products or services need that kind of qualification, but the ones that do shouldn’t waste marketing dollars on unqualified prospects.

Be sure to ask us about our Radius Mail Program.

We can also co-brand the advertisements so you can use those valuable co-op dollars from your manufacturers!

Multi Media Campaigns

Multi-Media Campaigns

Frequency and variety are vital.

Using more than one medium of expression or communication is multi-media, including content, images, audio, video and animation. Frequency and variety is vital in keeping your company’s brand in the forefront of your prospects and customer’s mind.

Good Marketing Group will create a well-planned marketing campaign that will attract your target audience with the right mix of online and offline media and a strategy to fulfill your goals.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Automation saves time and money.

Grow your business by communicating with customer’s who have “opted-in” to receive your communications via email.

A form of direct marketing, email marketing IS still effective in the sales, service, refer and repeat stages of The Homeowner Experience.

There are three forms of email marketing efforts we can integrate into your marketing automation efforts, including:

  • Acquisition emails = Lead Chaser & Review Management
  • Retention emails = Service reminders
  • Promotional emails = Promos Plus Boomerang program

Digital Marketing Package

What is it? How does it benefit my business?

The Digital Marketing Package offers a powerful blend of targeted advertising on platforms like Google and Social Media (Facebook/Instagram). By strategically reaching out to the same audiences, you can optimize your marketing budget while maximizing brand exposure through co-branded messaging. This opens up the opportunity to leverage co-op funds from relevant manufacturers.

What’s Included:

– SnapShot Data
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your website’s visibility
– Pay-Per-Click Advertising for immediate results
– Website Updates to keep your online presence fresh and engaging
– Social Media management to connect with your audience effectively
– Regular Reporting to track your campaign’s performance
– Co-Op Submission to access additional marketing funds from manufacturers.


Our Other Services

Good Marketing Group offers a personal and reasonable service to each business owner, large or small.


Our web team can update your current site or create a new one. All of our websites are secure, mobile responsive, SEO friendly, & customized to your company.

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Social Media

Our Social Media Gurus will create industry & company specific posts for your social media platforms to help you grow your word-of-mouth advertising via followers.

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Lead Generation

We offer automated communication programs to keep your company in the forefront of your prospective customer's mind & help convert leads to sales.

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