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Lead Chaser

Lead Chaser

Don’t let hot leads go cold!


Lead Chaser

Lead Chaser helps your sales team stay in communication with your HOT leads using automated, behavior-based eblasts and text messaging.

A proven schedule of nudges based on engagement will convert more of your leads to sales. When the prospect receives the automated nudge emails, their response directs them to fill out a form based on their interest in the project proposal/quote. Even if the prospect doesn’t open or click the email nudge, a follow up communication is scheduled until they engage over 12 months.

Lead Chaser includes:

  • Branded customized & personalized emails.
  • Custom forms for customers to fill out based on interest in quote.
  • Keep track of your sales team’s conversions as well as your products or services.


Customer loyalty is built on experience & trust.


Boomerang Customer Loyalty

Customers continue to buy from companies they trust!

Just like a Boomerang, when a customer has a good experience, they tend to come back and buy more. Use this relationship to cross-market, upgrade and communicate with your customer via email and text messaging about related products and services that may be of interest.

Boomerang includes:

  • Tag customers based on interests and recent engagementsl.
  • Cross market related products and service based on tags.
  • Automated, behavior-based emails and text messaging.
Boomerang Customer Loyalty
Service Reminders

Service Reminders

Keeping Customers On A Service Schedule.


Service Reminders

Reminding your customers of their upcoming service appointments can be time consuming and opens the door to human error. Email marketing can be used to schedule communications by “anniversary date” so your customers are being reminded while freeing up more time for your office manager to do other work.

Service Reminders can also be used to email or text customers prior to their scheduled appointments.

These reminders can help reduce no-shows.

What is included in our automated service reminder program:

  • Customized appointment request form.
  • Annual and scheduled email/text reminders.
  • List management and grouping.

Review Management

Do you want control of your online reputation?


Review Management

Review management is the effort to influence what and how people think of a brand or person when viewed online. BUT, it has to be authentic! Good Marketing Group knows that your company’s reputation is everything to the success of your business. That’s why having some kind of control over your online reputation is desired by every business owner.

Keeping up with managing the review request process is time intensive. Good Marketing Group can help reduce the amount of work needed to request the reviews and spread your GOOD reputation with those who are seeking it.

The Refer stage of The Homeowner Experience features the following services:

  • Automated requests to your customers to leave you a review.
  • Notifications to you/your staff when a review is submitted.
  • A chance to take a look at the review before sharing if it’s less than 5 stars.
  • Nudges to remind customers to share their review on social media, too.
Review Management
Radius Mailing

Radius Mailing

Your next customer is next door to your best customer.


Radius Mailing

The neighbors of your customers, generally have the same demographic and sociographic traits.

TRANSLATION: Neighborhoods often have the same issues due to age of the home, environment, geography, etc. That means it’s pretty likely that if one neighbor likes you and can afford your services, chances are, so will the others. A Radius Mailing to the neighbors of your most recent customers is a ‘no-brainer!’

Why is the Radius Mail Program so effective?

  • Target communications to qualified audience.
  • Brand frequency with your company vehicle and signage.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising.

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