Direct Marketing

Find the most-likely responders through a TARGETED direct marketing list.

Why should you INVEST in targeted lists? You know the old saying, “Garbage IN = Garbage OUT.” We believe in most cases, its often better to mail to a more strategic, targeted direct response marketing list vs. a ‘junk mail’ ‘shotgun approach’ to every prospect in town. Not all of your products or services need that kind of qualification, but the ones that do shouldn’t waste marketing dollars on unqualified prospects.

direct mail targets quality leads
  • Targeting specific consumers will increase your business, market share and your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Mailing lists can be tailored to specific products and services cutting out waste
  • Good Marketing Group designs direct marketing around fulfilling your targeted direct marketing campaigns.
  • The better the target, the better the ROI
  • Find the right prospects & customers and deliver the most relevant offer to them
  • Your direct marketing campaigns can be set up for multiple, or scheduled ‘touches’ over a period of time, or you can control mailings on your own schedule around seasonality or events
  • Leverage credit bureau data, compiled lists and subscriber information to create a solid marketing database

“Good Marketing Group has made putting our mailings together a breeze. You took our thoughts and ideas coupled with your experience and made our first mailer a success. The door hangers have also worked great. Our installers and service techs ‘five point’ each stop they make. The mailer as well as the door hanger look awesome and generate calls. The cost of the mailer and door hangers paid for themselves in the first week. We look forward to the success that our next mailing will have. Thank you for all of your help we look forward to continue working with you.”



Quality Life Solutions

Mailing lists to fit your marketing channels and your objectives.

At Good Marketing Group, we believe mailing lists should be, and are more than names on a mailing label. That’s the difference between ‘Junk Mail’ and ‘targeted direct response marketing’. These ‘targeted responders’ are the future of your business; an opening to new revenue streams. The right mailing list drives these qualified sales leads…and The Good Marketing Group helps you get there.

Whether you need to saturate a specific area of the country or focus exclusively on key demographics you’ll gain much wider access to more qualified buyers through our Lists and Leads service. All the industry-leading data partners are available to you, along with impartial recommendations and exceptional client service honed through years of proven mail list and database marketing success.

Need a list? We NEVER charge clients for list counts and reports.

If you’re not sure what those aspects and traits are that make your best customers The Best, let us match your existing customer file to a ‘SnapShot’. We’ll find out what your top customers have in common, then we’ll use that ‘intel’ to find more just like them!

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We have experienced list brokers on our staff with over 20 years of finding the right data to maximize results and ROI. We have access to data on more than 120 million households and 235 million individuals. Within that data are hundreds of selections utilizing demographic, financial, lifestyle, sociographic, psychgraphic selections and much, much more.

Good Marketing Group can find virtually any information to target direct marketing offers and services to the correct prospects and customers. We design direct marketing campaigns to stay in contact with your existing customer and make relationships with new ones.

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