Radius Mail Program

Why Radius Mailing?

The neighbors of your customers, generally have the same demographic and sociographic traits.

TRANSLATION: Neighborhoods often have the same issues due to age of the home, environment, geography, etc. That means it’s pretty likely that if one neighbor likes you and can afford your services, chances are, so will the others. A Radius Mailing to the neighbors of your most recent customers is a ‘no-brainer!’

Targeted communications to qualified audience.

Brand frequency with your truck & signage.

Word-of-mouth is the best kind of advertising.

“It has always been a very pleasant experience working with the entire team at Good Marketing Group. The radius mailing program they offer allows us to more efficiently and affordably target new customers and we are seeing great results.”



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Produce ROI

A neighborhood usually has houses built around the same age with similar structural needs. If you have recently serviced a residence, you may request your customer to refer you to a neighbor. Don’t depend on word-of-mouth advertising alone. It is simple and fast! This 12-month program has been proven to produce a return on investment for business owners:

Upload your most recent list of sales & service addresses through Contact 1:1™.

Your designated direct mail specialist will research and target the specific neighborhood or geographic area of your qualified prospects based on the list of addresses you sent.

Your designated graphic designer will personalize the mailing with your company logo, truck (if available), offer and contact information as well as create a message letting those identified prospects know your company was in the neighborhood providing excellent service to their neighbor.

Once you approve the design and message we create for you, we will print and mail for you while you run the rest of your business!

Radius Mail Pricing

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