SnapShot Customer Profiles

How does SnapShot work and what does it do?

SnapShot is a tool that statistically profiles and scores Consumers/Prospects or Business-to-Business Prospects. Benefits include improved response performance and more effective cross-sell and up-sell promotions, loyalty programs and other customer-focused strategies. We can match your house file against our comprehensive database to create a customized market penetration analysis.

This real-world market perspective provides valuable insights by identifying prospects who “look like” your best customers. It is an exceptional tool for organizations focusing on customer acquisition or exploring new market segments. The strength of SnapShot lies in the consumer and business demographic overlays that reveal more detailed information about your customers. This allows you to market to them, and to new prospects, more effectively.

Enhancing Marketing ROI Through Predictive Modeling.

Customer Knowledge = Results & Sales. Simply put, SnapShot helps you understand your best customers and how (and where) to find more just like them.

 If you have at least 500 records in your existing customer file, Good Marketing Group will create a profile for your business by taking your existing customer file and cross-referencing it against top national databases. In effect, we’re taking a ‘SnapShot’ of your business, your customer make-up and where to find more that are likely to purchase goods and services from you.

Once your SnapShot is ready, you can purchase a list of prospects (in your specific trade area) that look just like your best customers! That’s it. Simple and fast.


SnapShot Pricing

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