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Does your business have Social Media?  Having a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all three is a great way to advertise your business in the public eye for FREE. 

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Today, Social Media is a huge part of everyone’s day to day life.  People are constantly looking for reassurance through reviews, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Hashtags and more before they decide to purchase an item.  I can say from personal experience a lot of the time if a business does not have some sort of social media account, I will move on to competitor that does.  As silly as that sounds, I like being able to see things that a business offers quickly, for example current photos, offers, how they interact with potential customers, reviews, etc. 

Facebook is the second most visited website in the world, and to me the most important to have a social media profile with because your customers don’t necessarily have to have an account to view tour page.  A few tips on how to start your business Facebook page:

  1. Make sure you create your Facebook page as a Business Account.  This will allow you to customize your About section, create, schedule and draft posts, create targeted ad campaigns that can be shown in both Facebook & Instagram news feeds, view page insights and more.
  2. Customize your About Section by adding your hours, phone number, website along with a brief summary of what your company offers.
  3. Be sure to post 1-3 times a week.  People like to see consistency.
  4. Create posts that encourage people to interact with your page: polls, contests, etc.
  5. Always drive traffic from your Facebook posts to the corresponding page on your website.

Once your social media accounts are created it is also important to promote those pages to gain followers.  Put the social media icons on your website, email signature and even business cards.  In some cases depending on the website you have, you can have your Facebook news feed visible in the footer of your website. Social media is going to continue to be a crucial role in business marketing, but it doesn’t have to be another task on your list that is stressful to manage.  Take the first step, create a business profile and start engaging with your customers.

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Raymond Rose is the Senior Web Developer for Good Marketing Group. He is a specialist in Online Innovation, Website Development, and Web-based Product Development.

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