Thank you to MaryKate Dougherty, our Millersville Univ. of PA student intern. This winter, she has been an asset to Good Marketing Group and delivered a fantastic presentation to the staff outlining 21st Century insights into PR.

Public relations at its core has not changed…

it’s about the relationship between an organization and their audience (or publics). What has changed is the distribution of information or communications between the two.

In her presentation to the Good Marketing Group’s team, MaryKate Dougherty – a Communications student at Millersville University –  defined the differences and clarified the use of public relations in an integrated marketing campaign as she has been taught at school. Twenty years after majoring in Advertising and Communications, even Brad and Shannon Good – owners of Good Marketing Group – learned something new to help their clients understand the differences between public relations versus social marketing and the potential application of PR in their marketing plans.

There are three goals of a public relations effort:

Information Based Goals- focused on educating, informing, or increasing awareness for your organization or client.

Acceptance Based Goals- focused on changing the interest level of your public on behalf of your organization or client.

Action Based Goals-  focused on changing the behavior of your publics (motivational goals) on behalf of your organization or client.


View The Presentation Here