Doug Richardson

Senior Web Developer & Marketing Hero: C O D E  C R U S H E R

About Doug

Two sided coin with industry background all around.

“My passion for web design, combined with my experience as a Construction Project Manager gives me a very unique client perspective. Prior to coming onboard at GMG, I worked tirelessly in the field with many service professionals getting dirty on a daily basis to understand everything I could about each individual trade to do my job better.” Doug Richardson Senior Web Developer
Doug Richardson Web Developer

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Doug Bio Background In Construction

A Background In Construction

Before he built code, he built homes.

Doug is a graduate of Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management. As the grandson of 1st generation, Italian grandparents. He spent a good deal of his childhood watching and learning from his grandfather, who was an expert stone mason. That interest carried on through childhood with a passion to build anything new and see them come to fruition, from Legos to baseball statistics.

No Code Too Complex

Making the web work his way.

After college, Doug studied web design and coding through various online academies. His instinct to improve on and build new things, with a focus on quality, was truly realized by becoming a web developer. Doug has a passion for coding, creating new websites, online tools and processes to make business better, smarter and faster.
Doug Bio No Code Too Complex
Doug Richardson Free time and life

Free Time

Friends, Family, Meditation, and Chess.

In his free time, Doug enjoys watching comedy, MMA, documentaries, playing chess and video games. Doug also enjoys meditation, yoga, working out, and hanging out with friends and family.

Doug’s Super Hero Alias

Code Crusher

SUPER SKILLS: Part man, part computer. He makes technology bend to his will with his expert ingenuity for his client’s website and communications.
Code Crusher Doug Richardson Super Hero Persona

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