Thank you to those that attended our class at the 2017 WQA Conference and Exposition! For those of you that were not able to make it, click below to learn how you can use Social Media to position your company as the water treatment experts.

FYI – the advice in this presentation is customized to the water quality treatment industry BUT can be applied to any industry. 

Remember, your time is valuable so understand that keeping up with Social Media may not cost a lot of out of pocket money, it does require consistent maintenance and time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to post something every day. Create a schedule that works for you and use social media as a platform to share your knowledge, experience and even opinion on various water quality topics.

GOOD news! You don’t have to come up with all the information on your own. WQA offers so many valuable resources on their website that are great conversation starters, links and even research already completed for you. Mix up your posts with a combination of fun and facts. You can google many water topics like ‘water fun in the summer with kids’ and news stories specific to your community.

Also, be sure to monitor on your phone and desktop the number of likes and shares. If you post something that really resonates with your followers, BOOST it! For a small investment, you can reach an audience that may be prospective customers.

Finally and most importantly, remember that social media IS NOT YOUR WEBSITE! Websites are more important than your company’s social media page. In every opportunity, include a link in your posts back to your website for followers to learn or read more. Inbound traffic and relevant content is what will catch the attention of the search engines and increase your organic rankings which will grow your business!