Pick a Logo. Pick any Logo.

The other day, I was driving home from work and I saw this white service truck pull out in front of me. Being part of a marketing company focused on Trade and Service companies, I immediately looked to see what kind of business he was (HVAC, if you’re wondering) and where he was located (Southeast Pennsylvania). Instead, though, I was left confused. Someone had placed five different logos on various places around the truck. Now, these logos weren’t for the manufacturers that they work with or trade organizations they might be part of. No, all five logos and titles were for the same company: theirs.

Basically, it looked like over the past decade or so they had slapped whatever logo and title they were using at the time up on the truck. In the end, the truck was left with such a motley collection of different fonts, logos, and information, it made my eyes start to twitch.

Now you might be saying, “Ray, this was just one company.” But, to be honest, I’ve seen it many times before.

When it comes to your logo, company name, and information, you need to be consistent.

You are not Google.

Consistency is Key

You might be saying, who cares if my logo changes from the side of my truck to sales advertising to invoicing and everything in between? The answer is: consumers care. No customer is going to storm into your business and say, “Frank, why did you use Roboto Condensed in this ad but Montserrat on your business cards?” (Those are fonts, by the way) However, they aren’t going to recognize your brand if it’s different all the time. Worse, they might perceive you as less than professional and decide not to shop with you at all if they are presented with sloppy marketing.

In the end, the cost of not having a unified brand could be huge.

Keep a Record

Now that I’ve clearly convinced you of the horrors of having a confusing brand, you might ask, “Ray, how do I remedy this?”

First, you need to pick a logo. If you have one that you like, great! If you don’t have any high-resolution copies of the logo, consider hiring someone to recreate it and get you those images. You’ll need them for signs, advertising, and other marketing and operations efforts. If you’ve been jumping from logo to logo because you don’t like any of them, then hire someone to create you one. There are plenty of professionals out (including us) who can create you a logo that speaks to your business as well as your customers.

  • Consider this: Changing your logo is a great time to engage your customers and have them help you create it. This is a great opportunity for engagement as well as creating social media content!

Second, pick a font you like that is bold, beautiful, and easy to read. Google Fonts (https://fonts.google.com/) is open source so you can add them to all kinds of programs. Find some fonts that you like and put them into different combinations to see what lines up. You don’t need a different font for your company name, address, phone number, and email, but a combination of two or three could give each element some distinction.

Lastly, create a document that details what fonts, colors, and sizes you used. This is called a Brand Style Guide. Put it in a folder with the logo files and make sure it’s accessible by all people who need to use it. At the end of the day, you need everyone pulling from the same pool of resources to make sure that your brand is unified across all elements.

Call the Experts

This is one of the first things that we do with our clients: help them unify their brand. From logos to language, we help clients zoom in on what works and present a pleasing and successful approach to consumers. We are hyper-focused on images, go crazy over fonts, and discuss different shades of blue until the cows come home. But, at the end of the day, we’re focused on creating a look that attracts and engages consumers.

And doesn’t leave them dazed and confused in traffic.

The Good Marketing Group has a multitude of solutions and tools that can help you with your company’s brand awareness. Give us a call (484.902.8914) or fill out our form.

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