In advertising, it’s all about timing especially in a society that is so reliant on social media to communicate.

For example, you are on the job and a customer’s house has the exact problem you service. Take a picture (or video).

Another example is to remember to take a before and after picture from the same perspective and post when the project is finished.

You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” We are a visual society who loves to see photos and watch video. So, whether it is a new product, an announcement or a unique experience on the job, be sure you are prepared with the following:

  • quick links on your smartphone to your social media platforms already set up to post as your business including facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, google my business, yelp;
  • choose the largest file size/resolution when saving or sending your photo in your phone so you can use for other marketing efforts;
  • think of keywords that are commonly searched by your target audience to use in writing a description or tagging your image or video;
  • include a link to your website (preferably a page that is applicable to the post) to drive inbound traffic to your site;
  • request feedback, share and/or likes as your call to action to track engagement.

NOTE: if you don’t have the time or are not very tech savvy, take your picture or video and text/email it to someone you CAN rely on to post for you in a timely manner. If you wait, you may miss out on the impact of a relevant message and new business!

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