Facebook Automated Messaging

Facebook makes messaging easy for busy business owners by providing an automatic response feature. If you struggle with getting to your messages right away, head over to your settings, then choose “messaging”, and get started setting up your automated responses. You can even choose to have automated messages for Instagram, as well.

               Let your customers know your location, hours, and when you’re away without having to respond yourself. You can even encourage them to call your business if you do not manage social media messages. This automated feature allows you to stay connected with your customers no matter the day or time.

               Make sure to stay aware of positive and negative reviews and set up an automated response for both. Encourage customers who left a positive review to publish it on your website as well. If you’re dealing with a negative review, make sure to encourage the customer to call you directly. You’ll want to handle the situation yourself and make sure the customer leaves the conversation satisfied. Be sure you are always communicating with your customers for a positive Homeowner Experience!

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Real life business owners share how our GOOD Marketing Superheroes saved the day against their marketing Villains.

Trinity Chimney


I heard about Good Marketing through a third party. I had been with the prior marketing team for almost two years and it just wasn’t a great fit for what we needed. Brad and Shannon got right on the phone with us and transitioned everything with no issues. They had a great plan for us and since we have hired their team, our numbers for calls has skyrocketed and not just that but they are great leads. Because we believe in what they do so much, we just keep adding services to better our company! Good Marking Group is the best out there!


-Josh M.