Hashtags Are Searchable Content!

Hashtags – Searchable Content You Might Not Be Taking Advantage Of!

How do I use Hashtags?

A hashtag is a type of keyword. You can search by hashtag terms in Google and other search engines, not just social media. Just like any other search, the most relevant results will come up in your search including the social media platform that the hashtag was used. 

Therefore, social media post content is searchable!

How do you know what hashtag terms to use in your post? The best way to come up with hashtags is to search in Facebook for terms that are relevant to your post topic. Then in the search results, click on other posts that included that hashtag and see if there are other hashtag terms that you should consider adding.

Don’t forget to consider the homeowner’s perspective of how they are searching for your product or service. Also, trending hashtags, seasonality and special events are good hashtags to include if relevant to your post.

Finally, be sure to hashtag your local towns/cities that you service and your branded tagline. You never know, you might start your own hashtag trend! 
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