GOOD Tips To Manage Customer Reviews!

GOOD Tips To Manage Your Client Reviews!

How should I be managing my client’s reviews?

Reviews, both positive and negative, can be time-consuming to manage and, therefore, easily put on the back burner. In reality, they can be an overlooked asset to your marketing efforts! Today we will be discussing two tips that will help utilize your client reviews to their full marketing potential.

While encouraging your clients to write a review on Google My Business is great, DO NOT forget about your website. Your website is the best place to put your reviews! These reviews will be your outstanding five-stars and will count as searchable content. Searchable content will help drive traffic to your website. Reviews make amazing searchable content because they are typically written in layman’s terms that current or new customers will actually use when searching for information on search engines. Word-of-mouth is still the best type of advertising, so make sure you are utlizing your client reviews!

Our second tip focuses on how you respond to customer reviews. It is very important to respond to both positive and negative client reviews. You might think replying to a negative review would be a waste of time, draw unecessary attention to it from other customers, or engage an unhappy dramatic customer. This is not true. While replying to a negative review might not change the writer’s perspective on your company, it can influence prospective customers who are reading the reviews and how you reply to the reviews – positive and negative – to choose your business. Homeowners want to know that your business cares about the experience your service is offering to both happy and unhappy customers.

If you need help or know someone who needs help handling customer reviews please reach out to us! We would love to help you with review management.

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