Optimizing SEO & Keywords For Your Business

Optimizing SEO & Keywords For Your Business 

What is SEO & what does it do?

Today’s Tuesday tip is about SEO and keywords. Let’s start off with what SEO is in the first place. SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization) is made up of different practices that are designed to improve the appearance of your web pages in organic searches from online users. One of those practices is using proper keywords in your metadata descriptions, image tags, headlines, and in other areas of your website. 

Why are keywords crucial to your site’s SEO? Keywords are words or terms that your target audience will use when searching for a particular service or item online when using search engines such as Google for example. The more keywords you use on your site, the better your chances of having your site seen by a new online user increase significantly.

For example: if you own a hearth shop that offers fire appliance services, don’t be afraid to get specific when writing in your web pages meta descriptions. Your target audience will most likely be searching for fireplace maintenance, fire appliance installations, and other specifics that relate to your sales and services.

By practicing incorporating good keywords into your website, you will be increasing the likelihood of a new online user finding your business, and increasing your online presence.

I hope this GOOD marketing tip finds you well, and helps you improve your website’s SEO scores, and also – Don’t forget to have a GOOD day!


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Good Marketing will be our go to for any marketing for our company. We are a small family business yet they treated us like a Fortune 500! They ensured our website was just what we wanted and then were amazing encouragers as we launched. Thank you so much to the entire team!!!

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We have been using Good Group for all our marketing for almost 7 years. The biggest advantage to us is that the quality or our leads has improved year after year, and we are no longer burdened with the time and effort needed to deal with the various advertising solicitations that come in. I feel they have been a true partner in our growth. We do not have the time or knowledge to sift through and keep up with the ever changing landscape of internet marketing, reputation management and so on- we leave it to the experts at the Good Group!

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