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Squeakity squeak. Squekem squeak. Squeak, squeak SQUEAKTASTICK! Squeaker McSqueakin’. Squeakity squeak. Squeaker squeakity squeak, squeak Squeakin’.

About Mr. Potter

Mr. Potter is a lifetime resident of Pottstown, PA. In fact, his ego is huge. He needs more than one home and doesn’t care where he finds it. Mr. Potter traces his family line back to the Potts family, founders of Pottstown, PA who settled the area in 1752. Through a series of family events involving switching the family empire from iron forge to nut gathering, Mr. Potter’s side became “Potter” and moved out into the forest. As the American Revolution raged on and southeast PA was in the heart of it, it seems the Potts family made the wiser decision to remain in iron works. The nut gathering empire was short-lived.

Mr. Potter is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College, with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at Penn. He has an extensive background in campaign planning and opening zip-lock bags.

Before coming on board with Good Marketing Group, Mr. Potter served as Head Nut Sorter of the Mrs. Smith’s Pie factory in downtown Pottstown, PA. Most recently he served as Sporting Goods Department Manager in the Coventry Mall Sears, which is now closed.

Mr. Potter’s
Superhero Alias:
The Infiltrator

SUPER SKILLS: Mr. Potter possesses vast and incredible powers granted to him by Earth’s yellow sun. With super-strength, flight, super-speed and more, Mr. Potter Can get in quick and stand up to almost anything trying to get him out. He is able to tear through plastic bags and destroy mini-blinds with little effort.

I heard about Good Marketing through a third party. I had been with the prior marketing team for almost two years and it just wasn’t a great fit for what we needed. Brad and Shannon got right on the phone with us and transitioned everything with no issues. They had a great plan for us and since we have hired their team, our numbers for calls has skyrocketed and not just that but they are great leads. Because we believe in what they do so much, we just keep adding services to better our company! Good Marking Group is the best out there!

Josh M

Trinity Chimney

Good Marketing will be our go to for any marketing for our company. We are a small family business yet they treated us like a Fortune 500! They ensured our website was just what we wanted and then were amazing encouragers as we launched. Thank you so much to the entire team!!!

Jami W

C-Tech Water Solutions

We use reputation management daily. After each service we just fill in the customer’s info and they get an email to write a review. It’s so easy for me to prompt them, and easy for our customers to let us know how we’re doing! Plus, all of our reviews boost our position in web searches! We love everyone at Good Marketing Group. They’re all so willing to help whenever I have a question or suggestion.

Jessica S

Sanatoga Water Conditioning

Signing up for the Promos Plus program has been an excellent step for us in reaching new prospects. We ran a sale on a few low stock items and received several leads within one day on a single product. This is worth the investment. Thank you, Shannon and Brad!

Nathan C

Byler’s Stove Shoppe

I met Shannon and Brad through HPBA and pushed for the owner of our store to hire them to update our website and handle marketing. They and all of their staff have been great to work with. Their knowledge of the hearth industry and marketing strategy makes a great combination. Good Marketing Group definitely measures their success by your success. Looking forward to our future endeavors together.

– Sandra C

Marketing / Advertising in Wilmington